07 July 2022

How to Download Hamraaz App Payslip Password (Personal Login) 2022

Download Hamraaz App Payslip Password: Hamraaz App is designed especially for our Indian soldiers to get their monthly pay slips and for other benefits. If you face any issues while downloading your Payslip? It is because of the password. Yes, the Hamraaz app payslip is protected by Password. So, you can’t download it without password or security questions. Let’s see how to download the Hamraaz app payslip password in detail below.

Hamraaz App Payslip Password

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About Hamraaz App:

Hamraaz army app is created by our Indian Government especially for Indian soldiers to get a monthly payslip. This is an android based application but you cannot download this app from Google Playstore. If you want to download this app, you need to visit the official website of Hamraaz and download the setup to install. 

  • Hamraaz Army App Version 6.52
  • Hamraaz App Version 6.51
  • Hamraaz App Version 6.50
  • Hamraaz Army App Version 6.0
  • Hamraaz Army App Latest Version 5.0
  • Hamraaz Army App Latest Version 4.5 

Are available on that official website. So, you have to choose the latest version for your android phone.

How to Download Hamraaz App Payslip Password?

If you are an Indian Soldier, then you want to download Payslip from the Hamraaz army app. But sometimes, you cannot open your Payslip. I will see how to download the Hamraaz app payslip using the password below,

  • Hamraaz App Payslip is Password protected. So, if you can’t open your Payslip, it is because of your Password. 
  • Suppose, if you forgot your password, then you can’t able to open your payslip and download it. Let’s see how to recover it.
  • Actually, the Hamraaz app Payslip Password is created with the combinations of your PAN card and your enrolment number. 
  • The first 4-digit of the password are your PAN Card number and the last four-digit are your enrolment date.
  • So, if you know your PAN Card's first 4 digit number and your enrolment date, then you can easily recover your Payslip Password.

Download Hamraaz App Payslip Password
  • Finally, Type the password and download your Payslip from the Hamraaz app now.

How to Create Hamraaz Password:

Password is an important thing in the Hamraaz app. To create a Hamraaz app password, first, you have to Sign up on the Hamraaz app, 

  • As I mentioned earlier, the Hamraaz app is not available in Google Playstore. So, you have to visit the Hamraaz official website
  • After that, click on the download link or Scan QR code option to download Hamraaz app on your android phone.
Download link or Scan QR code 
  • Now, click the file to install and open it on your device. 
  • First, you need to Sign up. It will ask you to enter PAN card details. So, enter the details properly and enter your mobile number for OTP verification.
  • After that, it will ask you to set a Password. You have to choose one Capital letter, one small letter, numeric numbers, and special characters.

It will be hard to remember this combination of passwords. So, kindly save it on your device or take a picture to remember.


If you forget your Hamraaz Payslip password, then you can’t download the payslip. So, kindly remember your password and save it. You can use the above-mentioned steps to recover your Payslip password. A strong password is needed to avoid any other issues.


1. How Do I Open a Payslip?

  • You can access your payslip from anywhere either on your mobile phone or any computer with an internet connection. If you are a new user, then register the Hamraaz app and proceed.

2. How Do I register my Hamraaz app?

  • Visit the official website of Hamraaz
  • Click on Sign Up on the homepage
  • Now, provide your PAN card number and mobile number
  • Enter the captcha code and Submit

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