07 July 2022

Hamraaz App 7.0, 7.1 New Version Download (2022)

Hamraaz App 7.1 New Version Download: Are you looking for what is the latest version of the Hamraaz app and how to download it? Then, this post will help you to get a new version of the Hamraaz app. Hamraaz app is specially designed by our Indian Government for our Indian Soldiers. Using this app, soldiers can easily download their Payslip and other army-related forms. Sometimes, you may feel the Hamraaz app is not working well or lagging. 

Hamraaz App 7.0 Download
Hamraaz App 7.0 Download

So, you have to check if you are using the latest version or not. The latest version of the Hamraaz app is Hamraaz 7.0 and 7.1.

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About the Hamraaz Army app:

Hamraaz is an army app developed by our Indian Government to provide the proper service for our Indian Soldiers. It is an android based mobile app developed by the technical team of Army soldiers to communicate their services and pay-related information through the mobile app. So, the person who wants to log in must need an Aadhar card, PAN card, Mobile number, and Army Enrolment number details. Note: Normal citizens can’t able to download and use this Hamraaz app. 

It is mainly developed for Soldiers. Also, this app is only used on Android devices, not on Windows and IOS devices.

Hamraaz Army App versions:

  1. Hamraaz App 2.79 
  2. Hamraaz App 3.6
  3. Hamraaz Army Version 4.5 
  4. Hamraaz Army App Version 5.0 
  5. Hamraaz 6.0, 6.5 
  6. Hamraaz App 6.51, 6.52
  7. Hamraaz Army APK 7.0, 7.1

How to Download Hamraaz app Latest version (7.0, 7.1):

The latest version and new version of the Hamraaz app are Hamraaz 7.0/7.1. You can easily download it from the official website. It is not available in Google Playstore. Let’s see how to download the Hamraaz app new version below,

  • First, you have to visit the official website of the Hamraaz app hamraazmp8.gov.in. 
  • There, you can see the download option and Scan QR code for the download option.
Download Option and Scan QR code
Download Option and Scan QR code 
  • You can choose the download option and it starts downloading.
  • Before downloading, check the version of the Hamraaz app in detail. If it is Hamraaz 7.0/7.1, then click on the download.
  • After that, open the app on your android device.
  • It will ask you to enter the Aadhar card number linked with your mobile number for OTP verification.
  • Once you received the OTP, enter it. Now, it will ask you to create a strong password
  • Now, enter the first 4 digits of your PAN card number and 4 digits of your date of birth.
  • That’s it. You create a password and do registration
  • Now, you can log in with the Hamraaz app and enter the password properly to download your Payslip.


The Hamraaz app's latest version is Hamraaz 7.0/7.1. So, check it once before downloading. After that, you can easily log in with the Hamraaz app and download the payslip. If you have any queries or facing any error while downloading the app or payslip, kindly contact the Hamraaz app customer care or helpline number.


1. How to create a Hamraaz Army app password?

  • Make sure the password should contain at least one capital letter like A, B, and C with one small letter & one digit like 1,2,3 with special characters like *, #, $. 
  • So Your Password will be looks like this – Don@143$

2. How to reset Hamraaz App password?

  • You have to click on the “Forgot Password” option. Now enter your Aadhar number and enter the date of enrolment. Answer the security question. Now you can enter a new password.

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